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Goal weight loss - 43lbs
current weight loss - 4.2lbs

starting pants size *highest size I ever wore* -14
Current Pants size- 12 GOAL- size 8 And now a nursing student on top of everything!

Day1 of 30 day Shred

I’m doing this and then getting t25 since my back hurts so bad…
I used 5lb weights instead of 2lb for the 1st day which sucked so bad…

I weighed and measured after and I got
weight-194.8.. goal 180 - but I have lost 4.2lbs since last week :D
chest-43- goal 40
waist-36 goal- 34
hips-39.8 goal 38
arms-12 goal 10
 My goals are for what I want at the end of the 30 days :D

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Changes for the new year

Tea instead of coffee (I use less sugar this way)
Water over soda and sugared juices 

Less bread, more burpees

Waking up with either yoga or a workout dance to stretch me out

more sleep, less stress.

All to make my fit goals happen by april I hope!!!

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someone buy me t25!!!!

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I weigh 197….. i gained 10lbs from stress and the holiday food.
My goal is to be 165 by april I will be about 16% body weight loss

I want to go from size 12 to a size 8.

A XL to  an L
And so forth

And I deffinitley want increased muscle tone.

I always have weighed more I have a very muscular butt and legs so I dont expect to lose more than that much weight. I’ll be using tumbler as my diary on this whole ordeal.
What are your goals for 2014?

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How to balance a checkbook

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A big apple and coffee for breakfast. And then an apple for snack nomnom. Following with homemade soup.
I did a little yoga, and a little circuit training. My back is starting to be less tender but still in terrible pain. I cant wait to do insanity. but with a week off I might as well start all over…

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my boyfriend tries to coach me. this is what i tell him too.

my boyfriend tries to coach me. this is what i tell him too.

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The most delicious meal you’ll have ever had ;)

heat up a small amount of olive oil on low heat with as much of each spice as you want.  If you don’t want such a spicy meal, don’t use the hot pepper flakes or the cayenne pepper.

As you can see I cooked the chicken separate from the veggies.  Cook both over medium heat, make sure the chicken is cooked all the way through.  I put olive oil, spices, a little bit of tomato juice from the can, and the onions in with the chicken.  Everything else goes in the separate pan.

I try to do the thicker veggies first, like the red pepper, mushroom, and snap peas.  Unfortunately I don’t have a “cook it for this many minutes” type of thing-I just do it until it looks good.  Add the frozen veggies in and make sure it’s still on heat for about 5-8 minutes.  I keep it covered to keep the moisture in at this point.

dish it out, sprinkle some cheese on top if you so wish, and enjoy!

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